Balaton Eldorado Camping


In addition to being able to swim in Lake Balaton, our guests are pampered by a swimming pool. In the 60 cm shallow water, smaller swimmers can splash around and enjoy the slide into the pool. In the 60 m2 of 1.20 m-deep water children and adults can swim and enjoy the massaging neck-shower.

Keszthely, with its sights and its bustling markets, is a favorite place for tourists, and is located only 20 km from the campground and is also reachable by bicycle trail. 7 km from Keszthely is Europe’s largest thermal-water lake, the famous Héviz Medicinal Thermal Bath.

The city located closest to our campground is Tapolca, 10 km away, the city of waters and a lively commercial center. With its Lake in the Cave and the healing effects it offers, unique in Europe, it provides relief for those suffering from various respiratory diseases.