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Campsites separated by hedges, typically grassy, ​​with electrical outlets.

This is the most typical site type in the campsite, and it has the widest selection of sizes: you can choose a plot from 60 to 110 square meters. We provide a power outlet for each of them from one of the nearby power outlet cabinets.

We cannot accept orders for such campsites in advance. They are not numbered or fenced off, so they cannot be handled by reservation. We are happy to show you such a place upon arrival and let it out if the area is suitable for our arriving guests. Thank you for your understanding!


The original experience of traditional camping is provided by unplotted, unmarked camping sites. Our guests arriving with bicycles and small tents like this type of campsite the most, because the prices are more favorable here. We also provide electricity connection for most of these places.


Being close to the waterfront is one of the most beautiful experiences at Lake Balaton. The double row of plots located on the coast ensures this experience. Most of these places are only a few steps away from the grassy area of ​​the beach. A power outlet is provided for each location.