Balaton Eldorado Camping

The Camping that is located at the foot of the Badacsony Hill has been operated by our company for 27 years.

The 3 acre peaceful, homely camping, where we work for the guests, is evolving with the love and diligence of the owner.

It lays 1, 9 km from the centre of Badacsony at the foot of the Badacsony Hill that is illustrious for its world-famous volcanic wines, in the National Park right next to the waterfront.

The area of the camp site is 3 acre and it is divided into different size parcels with 10 A power connection. It’s a shadowy, beautiful, homely dwelling place with high-standard water blocks, pool, and WI-FI service.

In pre- and post season our discounted prices include buffet breakfast even for our guests arriving with tents and campers.

Dog friendly accommodation

He is Döme.

Unfortunately he cannot be with us anymore, but every year he was happy to spend the summers in the camping, as well as we are happy to welcome our guests arriving with dogs.

Owners and their favourites can spend their vacation together.

In order to live peacefully next to other holiday makers, dogs must be always tied or kept on a leash.

People wanting to eat in the restaurant can take their dog in with them.




In our modern playground, you will find the younger age groups also the opportunity to relax. Toddlers can play safely with toys that are safe and meet modern EU standards.



If you prefer our swimming pool, it insures you a nice refreshment. All ages can bathe in our modern pool!


Balaton Eldorado Camping 2022.
„B” season

05. 01. – 06. 30.
09. 01. – 09. 30.

„A” season


„Swan” apartment house for 4-6 people with minikitchen 32.000 Ft 48.000 Ft
Mobil house (2+2 pers.) 24.000 Ft 29.000 Ft
Tulip House
Doubleroom 19.500 Ft 29.500 Ft
Singleroom 14.000 Ft 19.000 Ft
Extra bed /person 6.000 Ft 7.000 Ft
Apartment for 4 people with minikitchen 28.000 Ft 39.500 Ft
Dog 3.000 Ft 3.000 Ft

Swallow house

Doubleroom 14.000 Ft 19.000 Ft
Singleroom 9.500 Ft 14.000 Ft
Doubleroom (superior) 16.500 Ft 26.000 Ft
Singleroom (superior) 13.000 Ft 18.000 Ft
Extra bed /person 5.000 Ft 7.000 Ft
Apartment(2×2 bed) 22.000 Ft 29.000 Ft
Dog 3.000 Ft 3.000 Ft
The roomprice  includes breakfast in the „A” and „B” season.
Children’s accomodation is free till 6 years old, 
if they are in the same room as the parents
Tent (max 2 pers.) 2.600 Ft 2.600 Ft
Power 400 Ft 400 Ft
Beachplace 1  incl. áram 6.200 Ft 6.900 Ft
Beachplace 2  incl. áram 5.400 Ft 6.000 Ft
Parcel „A”(ca.: 100 m2) incl. áram 4.500 Ft 4.900 Ft
Parcel „B”(ca.: 60 m2) incl. áram 4.200 Ft 4.400 Ft
Adult (from 14 years old) 2.200 Ft 2.400 Ft
Child(6-14) 1.650 Ft 1.650 Ft
Dog 2.000 Ft 2.000 Ft
Breakfast is free during  the „B” season , but the price is the same without breakfast.

8262 Badacsonylábdihegy, Vízpart 2.GPS: LAT: 46.788954, LON: 17.4750428262 Badacsonylábdihegy, Vízpart 2.+36 87 432 369Recepcio +36 30 442 0724Étterem / Restaurant Mobil: +36 30 622 2632Fax: +36 87 432 369E-mail: balaton@balatoneldoradocamping.huWeb:
08:00 - 19:00 Email: balaton@balatoneldoradocamping.huTel.: +36 87 432 369Mobil: +36 30 442 0724Fax: +36 87 432 369

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